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Active Ageing Exercise Program

We offer a variety of exercise programs designed for older adults who are either wanting to start exercise for the first time, returning to exercise or wanting to maintain or increase their activity level.

Fit Active

These classes include a light cardio warmer up to music, light jogging or walking, and floor-based exercises designed to improve strength with the help light resistance, flexibility, balance and improve relaxation all to music.

Power and Strength Training

These classes include a light cardio warmer up and are designed to improve strength through light weight resistance training, improve balance, and help prevent bone fractures from osteoporosis.

To enrol into these programs please complete and return the application form attached.

Places are limited for each class.


Session cost: $4.70


To register yourself for this program please complete the enrolment form at the bottom of the page. Enrolment forms must be returned with medical clearance prior to commencing this program.   


If you’d like more details regarding the program please complete the enquiry below.

GEL Active Ageing Exercise Program Enquiry

Note: you can select more than one.

Active Ageing Enrolment Form