Small Group Training Five Week Program

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Small Group Training Sessions - 45min. 
4 - 8 participants.


GESAC and Caulfield Recreation Centre


This is a five week program, beginning the week of Monday 21 February


$99 for the five week program (One session per week for five weeks)


Choose from the programs below and book through the booking button.

Class Descriptions   


A full body program working on improving technique, mobility and strength, tracking performance along the way.  

In this class you will be using barbells and weights to build strength. 

Advanced Yoga Course 

This course is for anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of Yoga, refine their practice and take it to the next level! 
The fundamental poses will be revisited and refined so you can begin to do them effortlessly and have the perfect foundation to perform advanced poses as we move into Arm Balances, Binds and Bound Standing Balances.  Recommended to have been practicing Yoga for 6+ months. 

Small Group HIIT 

This Small group HIIT Training allows your trainer to offer personalised corrections and appropriate modifications and progressions. 

Ultimate conditioning 

Burn serious calories and demand results, in this specific program targeting to develop strength, improve your cardiovascular system and sculpt your core all in one high intensity class. Wow. 

Gymnastics Rings strength class 

This class will focus on upper arms and trunk strength utilising gymnastics rings. The main skills of this class will be the L-sit and shoulder stand.   

Teen Strength class

This class will focus on strength of the upper body and lower body. The main strength movements of this class will be the bench press and the squat.    

Adult Strength class

This class will focus on lower body strength, and mobility. The main strength movement of this class will be the squat and variations.   

Advanced Reformer

Take your Reformer Pilates skills to the next level.  

Experience elements of cardio, strength and core all in one to challenge your whole body, get fitter and stronger.  

Think about lunges, scooters, advanced  standing and kneeling exercises for a great muscle burn, spike in heart rate and heaps for fun included.  


Learn, master and perform three dance choreographies designed to help your confidence and improve body awareness.