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Torsonator: Single-Arm Landmine Squat-to-Press

This exercise improves your core strength and shoulder stability and builds your upper- and lower-body strength.

The pressing motion strengthens your chest and shoulders similar to a dumbbell or barbell Incline Press. However, each rep starts from a quarter-squat position, so your glutes and quads are also engaged. 

How to perform this exercise

Setup: Place one end of the barbell into the Torsonator.

Step 1

Stand feet shoulder-width apart holding the end of the bar with one hand positioned at your shoulder.

Step 2

Bend your hips and knees to lower into a quarter Squat.

Step 3

Drive out of the Squat and push the barbell up and in front of your chest.

Step 4

Lower the barbell to your shoulder under control and immediately repeat.

Step 5

Perform a set with your opposite arm.

Common Mistakes

Mistake: Performing the Press after you stand up, breaking the single fluid movement into two, distinct movements.

Fix: Simultaneously drive out of the quarter Squat and press the bar up.

Mistake: Flaring your elbow out to your side in the start position.

Fix: Make sure your elbow always starts tucked in at your side.

Mistake: Rotating your trunk to the side as you press the bar, meaning your core isn't engaged.

Fix: Tighten your abs throughout the movement. If this doesn't work, you may need to reduce the weight.