Health club appointments

Included in your Glen Eira Leisure membership are a series of health club appointments you can choose to take with our trainers to get the best out of our gym.

Health consultation

Here we gather baseline information to develop your goals and an exercise program with starting points for intensities and volumes of exercise.

Your initial consultation includes:

  • Blood pressure measurement and flexibility test
  • Body analysis assessment via our Tanita body analysis system
  • Pre exercise questionnaire
  • Your personalised exercise program

Program show

Here your health club instructor will run you through your program to make sure:

  • you are doing the exercise correctly in order to get maximum benefits
  • you know how to use the equipment in a safe manner
  • you feel confident in completing the program by yourself.

Program re-assessment

Now you have been doing your program for 6 weeks, it’s time to see what you have achieved.

Your health club instructor will:

  • re-measure your body composition to assess any changes and improvements
  • work with you to gather program feedback
  • make adjustments to the program, and educating you on them, ensuring you continue to reach your desired goals.

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