Meet Ali

"I hold a degree in Exercise Science and I have extensive knowledge when it comes to functional training. I enjoy applying how we use our bodies in everyday life and translating this into how we train in the gym. I believe that through training smart we can get the best out of bodies, and also protect ourselves against injury! Along with fitness, I love looking at nutrition. This plays a big part in your health journey and I am focused on developing good habits with both nutrition and exercise.

My passion for fitness has grown from a deep love of long distance running. Along with functional training I’m slightly addicted to running marathons and I would love to help you improve your time and technique!

I believe that exercise can make us feel stronger and better equipped to manage a busy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Whether you are returning to the gym,starting for the first time or looking to train more specifically, I would love to help!"

My philosophy

By having a strong body we help ourselves to have a strong mind.


  • Fitness instructor
  • Gym instructor
  • Degree in exercise science 

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