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CALD Adult Aquatic Education Program

This is a complimentary program designed at encouraging those who are first or second generation migrants to learn how to swim.

We are happy to be relaunching our CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) swimming program.

Lessons are held at GESAC in the 25 meter pool where participants will be able to stand comfortably in the water throughout the lesson.

The program covers water safety skills and basic stroke skills.

For parents, learning to swim provides a great role model for their children, showing that they understand how important it is to learn how to swim and increase their own confidence while their children are in water environments.

Class participants will have access to the pools 7 days a week for the 2 weeks they are enrolled in the program to practice their skills.

This swimming program is open to men and women who are not confident swimmers and who have not had swimming lessons before.

If you are interested in this FREE program, please fill in the form below.  Please include your preferred day and time.

GEL CALD Adult Aquatic Education Program