Self-Directed Workout Guides

Do you prefer self-directed workouts? Don't have access to a device to stream our GEL Anywhere classes?

Stay active with these training programs created by our qualified fitness instructor, Steve.

Our self-directed workout guides are updated weekly to keep your routine interesting and effective. Bookmark this tab so you never miss a program!

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These workouts are designed to be completed 2 – 3 times per week:


Cardio Workout Guide

  • 50 minute workout involving 6 exercises.
  • Designed to improve endurance and heart health.
  • Equipment: None.


Strength Workout Guide

  • 25 minute workout involving 5 exercises.
  • Designed to improve overall strength and muscle development. 
  • Equipment: None.


HIIT Workout Guide

  • 20 minute workout involving 5 exercises.
  • Cardio based exercise designed to increase muscles tone and burn maximum calories.
  • Equipment: None.


Circuit Workout Guide

  • 28 minute workout involving  exercises.
  • Body conditioning training that involves both endurance and high intensity exercise performed in a circuit format.
  • Equipment: None.

Want to expand on any of these programs?

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