Health club appointments

Included in your Glen Eira Leisure membership are a series of health club appointments to get the best out of our gym.

Your Pathway to Progress. 

Let us help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 

Depending on your fitness level, interests, goals, aspirations and experience, our specialist trainers can tailor a program just for you with our targeted program plans detailed below: 

  • Health Club Plan
    Members new to the gym looking for a standard program focusing on getting them into shape. These programs are structured to progressively advance and educate members with safe technique practices, and progressive overload.
  • Results and Performance Plan
    Members who are looking for performance results and are potentially at a more advanced stage of exercise. This plan will guide you through strength and conditioning style programming, focusing on a more advanced level of training. A specialized trainer will develop a more focused program, which can include a training zone assessment if the member is considering GEL Team Training.
  • Group Fitness Plan
    Those wishing to focus on group fitness classes will be guided by specialised group fitness instructors who will help identify classes, and a weekly structure that will focus on delivering the best health and wellness outcomes for you.

Four steps to progress. 

  1. Let's plan your program.
    To design a program specific to you your trainer will help you define what your goals are and use our state of the art body scanner to record baseline measurements such as body fat/muscle mass/bone density to name a few.
  2. Let’s try out your program. 
    Your trainer will guide you through your personalised program demonstrating safe exercise technique, whilst outlining the benefits of each exercise.
    As part of the Results and Performance Plan a trainer may introduce you to out Training Zone Assessment and book you in with one of our Training Zone specialists. What is a training zone assessment? A training zone assessment will run through a series of strength exercises, covering technique and safety, measuring a specific load that can be used within your program, or taken into our classes.
  3. Let’s review your program.
    This program is here to keep you on track and can be booked between one to two weeks post completing the step two appointment. Your trainer will ask you for feedback on your program as well as review the program to make sure it is working in alignment with your goals!
  4. Let’s reassess your program.
    Time to mix up your program to keep it interesting, this step is crucial for maintaining motivation and maintaining contact with our trainers. So here we re-evaluate your goals and adjust your program to make sure you are still heading in the right direction. If you want to get some new variety into your program this step could include a complementary PT session, offering the opportunity to experience a personal training session from one of our instructors free of charge.

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