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Glen Eira Leisure have a state of the art offering in our Pilates by GEL program. Across two aesthetically designed studios located at GESAC and Caulfield Recreation Centre, Pilates by GEL offers an affordable and enjoyable way for people of all skill levels to experience Reformer Pilates.

Our Reformer Pilates program includes five streams of programs to cater for different skill levels, demographics and training mediums.

Reformer Pilates Classes

Fundamentals – 50 mins

This class is the perfect place to start your Reformer Pilates Journey, each class includes a five-minute induction to the Reformer Bed covering set up, and all the things you need to know before you get started. Fundamental sessions are perfect for the complete beginner or for anyone wanting to touch up their technique as they focus on basic exercises, the Pilates principles and getting a feel for Reformer training.

Activate – 45 mins

Designed specifically for older adults, Activate Reformer classes are designed to improve coordination, core strength, stability and overall fitness. Activate Reformer classes are perfect for anyone who has attended at least one or two Fundamentals classes.

Strength – 45 mins

A fitness-based Reformer class suitable for intermediate and advanced participants. Classes use medium to heavy spring loads and hand weights focusing on improving strength with controlled moves at a slower pace (low impact). Classes may challenge the whole body or have a specific muscle focus and will include a variety of layers and progressing sequences. Participants should have attended at least three Fundamentals sessions prior and should check with their Fundamentals instructor prior to attending.

HIIT* – 45 mins

A high intensity style Reformer session designed to burn lots of calories and get you fit fast. Classes use light to medium springs and focus on endurance with faster paced movements. Sessions may be circuit based, pyramid style or supersets, include moderate impact moves like jumps as well as resistance training and will progress through a variety of layers and sequences. Participants should have attended at least three Fundamentals sessions prior and should check with their Fundamentals instructor prior to attending. *available at GESAC only

Flex, Stretch and Core – 45 minutes

This intermediate Reformer class is a flowing session focusing on precision designed to lengthen and strengthen the body through stretching and building fundamental core strength. This class is suitable for all skill levels and beginners who have attended a Fundamentals session.

Please ensure you arrive at least five minutes prior to session commencement.

What to bring

Socks - for health and hygiene reasons, you are required to wear socks during the sessions. We recommend socks with grip underneath which are less slippery.

Water bottle - it is always important to keep hydrated while exercising.

Towel - please bring a small towel to all workout sessions at GEL facilities. 


A GEL membership gives you access the the Pilates by GEL program

As a part of the membership, you can attend Pilates classes as many days a week as suits at either GESAC or Caulfield Recreation Centre. (subject to booking availability)
 Bookings can be made 70hrs in advance. 

GEL GOLD MEMBERSHIP 12 month term  GEL GOLD MEMBERSHIP  14 day minimum term GEL GOLD MEMBERSHIP  Concession 12 month term GEL GOLD MEMBERSHIP Concession 14 day minimum term
$23.50/ week $27.50 / week $20.50 / week $24.50 / week
  ACTIVATE (60years +) RISING STARS (14 - 17 years)
  $17.95 / week $17.95 / week
Limited hours ✔ (7:15am - 4pm)  

These memberships also give you access to the gym and pool facilities at Caufield Recreation Centre and GESAC.

For more information about membership benefits please see our membership page.


Commencing Monday 6 June

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday Monday 13 June

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