Social Squad

Come and join our Social Squad! Offering Badminton, Table Tennis, and Pickle Ball on Fridays, this program is designed to be fun, accessible, and inclusive for all. All sessions are held at Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic Centre.

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The Social Squad programs operate in school terms only.

Term 1 2022: Jan 31 – April 8

Term 2 2022: April 29 – Jun 24

Term 3 2022: Jul 15 – Sep 16






Sports on offer


Pickle Ball

Table Tennis


Pickle Ball

Table Tennis

Session times

9:00am – 12:00pm

9:00am – 12:00pm


Participants can pay for sessions casually or through a Glen Eira Leisure membership:

  • Casual payment: $6.50 per participant per session
  • Membership (Gold, Activate, or Stadium members): Free entry

*Please enquire about memberships with our membership consultants:


Sport descriptions:

  • Pickle Ball: A cross between tennis and badminton, pickle ball is a new sport in growing to be very popular. Pickle ball is played on a badminton court, and normally played in doubles. It uses paddles and a plastic ball with no over arm passes.
  • Badminton: Often described as the most social of sports, it is played with rackets and a shuttlecock. Traditionally it is played in singles or doubles.
  • Table Tennis: Otherwise known as ping-pong, table tennis uses a small lightweight ball which is hit back and forth using small bats. Traditionally it is played in singles and doubles.


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