Published on 04 December 2020

GEL gym membership reactivation

We are so happy to be open again and offering members access to our gym, group fitness and aquatic services!  You can now reactivate your via our new online member portal. As a returning member – the administration and joining fees will automatically be waived.

Please note that any time served on your previous membership will be carried across and considered as part of your ’12 month minimum term’.

To welcome members back, we are offering 2 weeks free for those who reactivate their membership in December 2020. Please ensure you reactivate before the end of this week, as your free access finishes on Sunday 6 December.

How to reactivate your membership:

1.       Click here to access the online member portal

2.       Log in using your email address that we have on your existing GEL Membership as your username and select ‘forgot password’ to create a new password for future logins. 

3.       Password reset instructions will be sent to your email address– reset your password, go back to log in page and log in

4.       Click on ‘Add Contract’ and select your contract

5.       Click ‘Next’ and choose your contract start date – please note you can only start a contract a maximum of 7 days’ in advance.

6.       Click ‘Next’, read, tick and sign the terms and conditions

7.       Choose your payment method and enter your details and click ‘Next’

You’re all set!

We're here to help

If you have any difficulty reactivating your contract, please email or phone us on 9575 7100 between 9.00am and 5.00pm daily. If you would like assistance in person,  staff are available to help and they will be stationed in the new seating area of the GESAC entry foyer.

Frequently asked questions

You can access further information and instructions on how to use your member portal here.