Access for Every Body

At Glen Eira Leisure it's important our facilities are highly accessible. That's why our staff are trained in disability and inclusion awareness.

Our motto at GEL is: Every Body Welcome.

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We have swim, fitness and sports orientated classes throughout GEL for those with support needs, so the whole community can be part of the fun.

Accessible facilities

GEL offers highly accessible facilities, including:

  • Ramp, beach and pool hoist to access all pools
  • Accessible changerooms with overhead hoist facilities
  • Elevator access to the first floor
  • Bindi Maps

Disability and inclusion training for all our staff

In partnership with Marriott Support Services, GEL provides comprehensive disability awareness and inclusion training to all of our staff.

Every Body Active Program

We have Support Officers, giving you dedicated 1:1 assistance, who can help you with any access requirements through our Every Body Active Program. More information about this program and expressions of interest can be found on our Accessibility Page.

Group Fitness Unlimited

Group Fitness Unlimited provides a range of programs which are suitable for people with a physical or intellectual disability. These programs are flexible and can be adapted to accommodate people of all abilities in a fun and friendly environment.

Basketball Unlimited

In partnership with Marriott Support Services, GESAC is offering a basketball program that is a mixture of training and competition with a fun, social program that allows participants with an intellectual disability to build new skills.

Learn more about Basketball Unlimited


Scope Communication Access

All staff at GEL are trained and can communicate successfully with people with communication difficulties using the Scope Communication Access Accreditation. There are Scope Communication Access cards throughout the centre which staff use to help communication with members and guests. You will see Scope’s nationally recognised Communication Access Accreditation Symbol displayed throughout the Glen Eira Leisure centres. 


The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a simple tool for people to voluntarily share that they have a disability or condition that may not be immediately visible. By wearing the sunflower symbol, it discreetly displays that they may need a helping hand or more time. Speak to our staff about getting a sunflower badge, lanyard or bracelet.  


Bindi Maps

BindiMaps is an accessible wayfinding mobile app that uses intuitive audio, map and text directions to guide people in indoor spaces.
BindiMaps removes significant barriers to navigation, making unfamiliar spaces easier and more efficient for everyone.
If you’re walking into GESAC and unsure where you need to go, you can now open BindiMaps on your phone or device and be guided around the centre.

BindiMaps is free to download and use and is available in the App Store and Google Play store.